The purpose of this foundation is to provide assistance via services, equipment, education, special care and respite support to children with special needs and their families. Special need children include those who are physically and/or mentally challenged including those with learning disabilities. Additionally, educational materials/seminars will be sponsored for parents of special needs children relative to maximizing available resources and for medical providers in ways to prevent or minimize perinatal morbidity.

This foundation is strongly supported by The Becker Law Firm.

How to Donate

Mike's Kids is accepting donations from those wishing to make a difference by contributing to the organization. To give to Mike's Kids, please send your contribution to:

Mike's Kids
c/o The Becker Law Firm
1111 Superior Ave., East – Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44114
EIN: 20-2204553

The kids need your support!
January 2005


Debbie Cheatham, Part C
Bureau of El Services
State Department of Health
246 North High Street, 5th Floor
PO Box 118
Columbus OH  43266-0118
(800)755-4769 (AltPhone1)
(614)728-9163 (FAX)

Kim Carlson, Assistant
Director & 619 Coordinator
Office of Early Learning & School Readiness
Ohio Department of Education
25 S. Front Street, Mail Stop 305
Columbus, OH 43215-4183
(614)728-2338 (FAX)